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Here at Sydney Hills Counselling we understand the happy, confident face you wear every day doesn’t always reveal how you may really be feeling on the inside. You may be working long hours at your job, leading you to feel unfulfilled and burnt out. You may be feeling disconnected from your family and friends and experiencing feelings of loneliness. If you’re finding that you often need to do things perfectly, this may cause you to question yourself in everything you do. You’re perhaps unsure of where to start in overcoming your stress, and your goals and dreams may be constantly put on hold because you don’t feel good enough.

Discover professional counselling services in Sydney Hills. Helping you find expert mental health support and experienced counsellors serving the Western Sydney and Hills District. 

Take the first step towards healing and personal growth.

If you’re feeling that your problems have become too much to resolve alone counselling may help with reducing any behaviours, social issues, and emotional problems you may be experiencing. We provide personal counselling to help you overcome any troubling issues.

If you have experienced trauma in your life, this can alter how your brain functions, and symptoms can vary from finding it difficult to trust and being constantly on guard, to suddenly feeling anxious and being plagued with intrusive negative thoughts. Without doubt, trauma can significantly affect your quality of life. With professional trauma therapy Sydney Hills Counselling will help you to begin feeling better as we implement our compassionate and client-focused evidence-based techniques and strategies.

Anxiety may be experienced as an overreaction to stress or in anticipation of future events or stressors. It typically includes physiological changes (e.g., elevated heart rate, muscle tension, and sleep problems), emotional components of fear, and mental components (e.g., “what-if” statements, dread, and constant worry). Anxiety can have crippling effects on an individual’s quality of life and day-to-day functioning. At our Sydney anxiety clinic we teach skills that address the cognitive, physical, and emotional aspects of anxiety and stress-related disorders that keep you from leading a fulfilling life.

If you’re experiencing depression, this can often lead to feeling disconnected and retreating from others, as well as affecting your physiological patterns of sleep, eating, and overall energy levels. Depression is often described as persistent sadness and can significantly hinder a person’s motivation to engage in regular activities of life. Depression is debilitating in so many ways, which is why we strongly believe in the power of therapy to help you manage its symptoms and work towards building brighter days ahead.

If you’ve experienced a recent breakup, we are here to provide specialised breakup counselling which will help you become more confident in dating and future relationships. Our specialised breakup counselling will help you to explore your understanding of your relationships and why they may not be working, help you to heal any attachment issues, and help you to master emotional self-control. Specialised breakup counselling will also teach you skills to maintain healthy, fulfilling relationships. A breakup is a life-altering experience that no one should have to go through alone. At Sydney relationship counselling we are here to help.

Whether it be the death of someone close, or the loss of a job, or the end of a relationship there is often a disturbing array of complex feelings, behaviours and thoughts that occur when people experience grief and loss. Everyone’s experience of grief and loss is different, but our professional grief counselling at Sydney Hills Counselling can provide an anchor in a stormy sea where everything seems unpredictable and shaky.

Whether you’re starting a new job, a new romance, entering motherhood or fatherhood, retiring, facing a job loss or a ‘big’ birthday, life transitions can be extremely stressful. Sometimes the stress from these transitions can cause great distress. You may find yourself getting into a very negative headspace and feel anxious, trapped, or defeated. Even in the most challenging life circumstances, there is a way through, and you can emerge stronger and more resilient. We can help to guide you through life’s tough transitions by providing you with evidence-based tools and strategies, making it easier to navigate the course of any of life’s challenges that you may be facing.

Our mental health is more important now than it’s ever been before, and it can impact our lives in very significant ways. The importance of good mental health impacts everything we think, do, or say. It is fundamental to building and maintaining positive behaviours, emotions, and thoughts. Focusing on mental health care has been shown to increase productivity, enhance our self-image, and improve our relationships.

We work with families to discover the unique challenges and strengths of your Family System and then use that knowledge to build a more positive home environment for your family. There are numerous ways to accomplish this, and we will work together with you to work out what’s best for your specific circumstances. Sometimes, working with your entire family will be best and in other cases, we will work with different groups of family members in some sessions. We will always discuss the various options with you at our family counselling Sydney hills and negotiate the best way to work with all of you in a way that meets everyone’s needs.

Clients often come to us feeling pressure or troubled in their relationships especially when they are considering divorce or a break up. Our counselling professionals help people address a broad range of relationship issues and concerns, as well as the underlying issue/s that might be fuelling them. Your romantic relationship is usually the one relationship to be most affected, however difficult relationship issues can also include a wide range of relationships, including those with children, parents, other family, friends, or colleagues.

At Sydney Hills Counselling, our goal is to offer a caring and compassionate environment to explore healing and change through professional counselling. We provide a safe space where you are invited to show up as your authentic self, where you will be seen and respected, while also healing any old wounds, strengthening your self-worth, and learning new skills and strategies to deal with stress or any challenges you may be struggling with. We want to watch you grow into your most confident, authentic self. Counselling requires that you bring your bravery along with your willingness, worries, your insecurities, confusion, and pain. We understand that you may be feeling some fear around starting this journey but be reassured that we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

How Can I Help You?

My goal as your counsellor is to help you become more open and resilient so that you can pursue a better life and have better relationships with others.

I work with people of all ages who are willing to begin the journey of understanding and improving themselves. 

I specialise in the treatment of problems across the lifespan. I  have experience working with individuals who have experienced anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug issues, parenting issues, trauma, domestic violence and abuse, identity concerns (including the LGBT population) grief and loss and phase-of-life issues. I will provide a neutral safe space, listen to your concerns, and customise your own individual treatment plan. 

Whether you choose group counselling or one to one individual counselling sessions, I promise to be there for every step of your journey. My goal is to help you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain and move forward to where you want to be in your life. 

Telephone & Zoom Counselling

Many people lead very busy lives, and sometimes it may be difficult for you to attend an appointment with a Counsellor. The extra travelling involved to and from a counselling venue can be very difficult for some people, especially if you have to work late, or where you have children who need to be picked up from school, or perhaps when you would like to have counselling, but are not feeling well enough to travel. 

There can be many reasons to try out telephone or Zoom counselling, and this can be an effective way of getting the assistance that you need at a time and place that is most convenient for you.

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